About Me

Cristal Gonzalez
LLS 100 — Professor Roure – pd. 03/04
About me

I am Cristal Gonzalez, I am a freshman attending John Jay College for Criminal Justice. I am the oldest child out of four children and the first one in my family to attend college. I feel a big responsibility lies in front of me and I always strive to achieve the best of my ability. I have many features about me that stand out and are obvious for example my height I am quiet short 5’0 to be exact. Due to my height I don’t look like my age and I’m often confused for a younger age, at times looking younger has its perks. Another feature that stands out is my ethnicity people can tell I am Hispanic and I believe is because I am of a dark skin tone with black hair and dark eyes and I am fluent in Spanish. Details like these are obvious about me it’s like a first impression I leave behind for people.
My nationality is Mexican I often get confused as being other nationality and I believe is because people have certain characteristic but they those characteristic vary among Hispanic person. During the past 18 years I have residence in the same location which is Washington Heights, Manhattan. This location is predominantly Hispanic. I feel safe living in Washington Heights because it is among people who follow the same culture therefore we all get along well. I grew up in a home where religion is what keeps us united, we practice Catholicism. Along with always practicing our religions we were thought to have strong morals. My parents always made sure we were doing good deeds. Thanks to my parents I have a high integrity.


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