Homework 1

Cristal Gonzalez
LLS 100 – Roure
Sec 36 Pd 3/4
Homework 1

What is justice? What is Latin@ Justice? What issues has the organization LatinoJusticePRLDEF tackled over its history? Which issues are of most interest to you? Why?

Justice is knowing right from wrong. We were all thought morals so we clearly know when we are doing wrong or our actions are just unacceptable. Justice is like being rewarded or acknowledged for something that was harmful to one. We as people, were all given rights but in some situations our rights are denied, that’s why justice is served in order to protect our rights. A judge is a symbol of justice they have the right to defend people as long as they justify their verdict. The organization LatinoJusticePRDEF has been serving the latino community for over 40 years. It began with helping out the Puertorican community because they were the largest minority in that time. The help for minority groups began to expand as people began to migrate to the United States. The LatinoJusticePRDEF helped minorities in getting equal education rights, voting rights, civil rights and defending working rights. It was a struggle to achieve all these movements but as time passed more people supported the latino rights and there was more people involved. At the current time many latinos are beginning to obtain higher positions important positions.
An issue that interested me the most was in 1984 when minorities began to get higher positions in their work force. Everyone can achieve for more and your ethnicity shouldn’t be an obstacle. In fact having diversity in every work force can have great outcomes and a more comfortable working environment. Sonia Sotomayor is an example of proving all the conservative people that someone not ordinary is part of the supreme court , not only is of Hispanic decent but she is also a woman. Persistence and dedication helped her achieve her job and minorities should never think they can’t accomplish a task based on their ethnicity because in this anything is possible. Another task that is of my interest is the Stop and Frisk law. In 2013 and we are still discriminating and judging others based on their color skin is unacceptable. This is an injustice for all the people who are being target and have nothing to be punished for. I believe this new enforcement just builds up to the racism and police officers can take advantage of this. Stop and Frisk is one of LatinoJustice current case.


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