Homework 2

Cristal Gonzalez
LLS 100 pd. 3/4
September 15, 2013
Professor Roure

At 18 years old I still don’t have an exact plan for my future. Being a freshman at John Jay, I can finally feel the pressure of a college student and this is only the beginning. I feel like I’m at disadvantage for not having a specific goal like my peers. I’ve noticed that a lot of students are engaged in their work and push themselves to understand the subject they are learning meanwhile I don’t see the potential in myself to get through college if I don’t know what I want to study . Attending college was an impulse of just feeling a satisfaction of making it this far now the real obstacle is getting through and achieving in which ever field I chose to develop.
I remember my high school junior year when I was determined to attend John Jay College for Criminal Justice; classmates will constantly speak about their college dream school and the possible majors they would like to study. I used to brag to my parents how I knew which path I wanted to take and I how sure I was of my decision. I now understand the look of some people when I would tell them I had my mind set because a decision like this can change throughout college. Till this day there are many students in college who are still deciding what they want to become yet I feel uncomfortable with my situation. I am attending a criminal justice college while wanting to pursue a teacher career.
When I was in high school I wanted to study criminology because it requires a lot of educational thinking. I am the type of person that likes to think about many possible outcomes or reasons why things occur. Criminology is studying the behavior of criminals as well as analyzing the crime itself. Criminology is a chance of thinking outside the box and being able to change roles and get in the scenario of being the criminal. Living in an urban place has its disadvantages as well as it advantages. One advantage I have found is being more exposed to the real world a place where things are nowhere near being perfect. In urban places it is most likely to have crimes from different natures occur often. As a criminologist one gets to apply the circumstance in which the criminal lived as a back up or motive as to why they’ve committed a crime. I believe that behind everything there is a reason and the same applies to crimes, behind every crime lays an entire reason to why it occurred. Basically everything happens for reason.
If I were to become a criminologist I would put my observations of my own neighborhood to help me find the motive behind crimes. Living in Washington Heights (manhattan) has given me glimpses of different people and different background stories. Ive seen people get lost in the streets and by that I mean consuming drugs, dropping out of school, or seeking problems with others. Factors like not having parents to supervise after them roving in a neighborhood where it is constantly makes others want to follow those examples. Examples like personal experiencing, family issue or even environment can trigger a person to act differently.
A second major I would also be interest in and relates to criminology is sociology. Sociology is the study of human society and relations. Once again living in an urban place the study of sociology is put in practice every day because we are a diverse city. Since sociology is the study of how people behave and interact with one another we get to see the changes among other who are not like us. In the city people are from different a background which leads to different cultures, morals, and judgment. Every culture has a unique way to identify themselves and it is easy to study society in general because everyone has something to offer. An example of a sociological study can take place in a subway station, why do people tend to sit on the corners instead of the middle seats? How do people react in public transportation? What are the morals people apply towards other? How do people behave among others while being cramped? Questions like these are to be thought about when studying sociology because is based on collecting date from real experiments. Sociology goes beyond the study of society and it also connects to religion, economic system, occupation, education and class.
If I were to become a sociologist major my location, the city would be my data supple. With such a diverse culture I would learn all the different expectation required and the reasons behind everyone’s unique personality. In the city my observations would be focused on a large group and any selection of place.
Feeling out of place in John Jay might be because I want to become a early childhood teacher. The reason I would like to teach little children is because I look back to my childhood and realize how grateful I was to have met wonderful teachers that encouraged me to always do better. I want to be someone that changes a student’s life and that year later they would thank me for always demanding more of them. Being the oldest daughter of immigrant parents I had obstacles with the language. I remember not being able to understand my homework and receiving no help from my parents because they also didn’t have a clue what my homework was about. I had teachers that would take their time afterschool to dedicate time for my education. Thanks to teachers who love their job and helping others I learned the language and always continued to strive for more. Just like those teachers who left an impact on me , I would like to be like them and change my students life. Educating young children will be like shaping them and preparing them for the challengeable world. My service would most likely be towards students of Latino decent. The reason why I would like to teach Latino students is because I will identify myself in each child, I will remember the younger me and always try to demonstrate my very best to make sure these kids will have enriched knowledge and no one could make them feel less or question their rights.
Becoming a teacher and sharing your knowledge takes a lot of time and dedication and I know I have both. Patience is another important factor that I also have learned. I grew up with younger siblings so the noise level won’t bother me. Young kids are easily distracted therefore as a teacher I should always try to keep them focus and it will be for their future. The thought of becoming a teacher in 4 years and having my own class brings excitement. Young children are more likely to grasp new concepts and master it because their knowledge is just building up. Another reason why I would like to become a teacher is for the energy that every young kid has, their personalities and humor will always be contagious. While being a teacher you get to see the progress each student achieves and knowing that you played a big role in that progress is a great reward.
My career wise goals are quiet unsure for now but whichever field I choose I hope to feel comfortable and not feel like a failure. I would like to look back at this paper and see how much I’ve progressed since then. One thing is for sure, I will finish off college and make my parents proud for never giving up and reaching for my goals.


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