Por amor en el caserio reflection

Cristal Gonzalez
November 14, 2013
LLS 100 ā€“ Pd 0/04
Professor Roure

The film Por el amor en el caserio By Antonio Morales left an unexpected reaction, the plot of the film touched my heart. This film did convey a different image of the way public housing is. It did show the gun violence and the gang conflicts but it also showed the lives of people who live there but have nothing to do with guns or gangs.
I saw the inspiration of The West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet incorporated into Por el amor en el caserio, the pure love that grew among two family members of opposing gang leaders. Cristal and Angelo had to hide their love to avoid any conflicts or harm to one another. When Angelo was shot Cristal reacted with anger just like Maria did when Tony died in the West Side Story. The resembles from the play Romeo and Juliet was the unconditional love Cristal and Angelo and had and the decision they made of being together despite what others thought.
The concept of this film was to relate to people who live under poor living conditions and aware others of the struggles people face living under these situations where no one stands up for them. The scenario of this public housing in Puerto Rico related to other people living in caserios and showed them the after math and consequences when they let their youth get involved into gun related issues. The idea is to aware others that if these people were provide with help and the youth would be occupied with other activities they would not end up dead or in prison. In this case the arts was an escape from reality and there should be more activities for the youth to be occupied with.


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