Reflection on Karina

Cristal Gonzalez
October 26, 2013
Professor Roure
LLS- 100 _ pd 03/04
Reflection on Karina

Our facilitator to inform us about the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health was Karina Garcia. I found it interesting that she used to teach math in the public school system and now she is advocating for an organization that defends women rights in general. The ice breaker was giving our first thoughts when we heard the term women rights. My response was the way time has changed therefore women have acquired several rights that were denied before. In some parts my thought was correct of course times have changed and now women have a greater saying in the decisions yet women are not treated equally in comparison to men.
This organization is trying to convey the reality when it comes to Reproductive Justice. In this current time women are not granted the choice to decide for their own bodies. Reproductive justice is giving the right to anyone regardless of race, gender and income to be receive health services and to be informed on whether to have a child or not. The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health focuses mainly to help minorities and be a voice for them and defend their rights. As a society we cannot judge someone or know their personal motivations on deciding to abort a child. There are many things that contribute to an individual’s decision for example there is responsibilities, living environment, income, health, unemployment and other factors.
Throughout Karina’s presentation I learned about all the different cases presented in court and the injustice against women were outrageous. In 1961 Hernandez, 21, was given the choice to get sterilized or be locked up in prison, she chose to be locked up. In 1967 three unmarried women signed up to receive welfare and they were threatened to have their children place in foster care if they had more. These two cases present the discrimination in the 60’s and 70’s period.
Karina’s presentation overall informed about the support women do get by society. Society itself gives support to women because they know all the possible struggles and what the outcome is. The government itself is the one who judges and does not grant the right to women to make their own decisions but that can change if people get involved and create awareness. We can increase that ratio of 8 out 10 Latino who supports a friend or relative, we can assure women to count on us and to help them along their decisions.


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