Reflection on William Ramirez

Cristal Gonzalez
October 22, 2013
Professor Roure – LLS 100 pd 3/4
Reflection for William Ramirez

The executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Puerto Rico, William Ramirez spoke about topics I was already familiar with. Mr. Ramirez main idea was to speak about the reform going on in Puerto Rico’s Police Department. Two weeks ago as my mother and I watched news I recall seeing footage of Puerto Rico’s Police Department committing brutality attacks towards prisoners. The news had mentioned something about reforming the Police Department because it was unacceptable to let police brutality abuse slide by. As Mr. Ramirez explained that police brutality was also being enforced to society itself I was shocked because I thought it was just going on in prisons. Seeing the graphical video I realized how issues like this capture attention and promote reformation. I am sure that sharing videos and spreading it around the media helped create awareness to the public and also to the government to take action and correct this type of behavior. The case Mr. Ramirez mentioned about the mother and daughter that were getting beat up for being part of a rally shocked me because it is most common for men in uniform to respect a woman knowing that they are considered physically weak but that was not the case for these two females.
The second topic Mr. Ramirez brought up was Jessica Gonzalez case. I had prior knowledge based on what Professor Roure had discussed in class. Jessica Gonzalez is a well known case among the human rights union. Ms. Gonzalez rights were denied and in consequence she lost her three daughters and to top it all the state of Colorado and the Supreme Court thought otherwise. It is impressive how at this time the 20th/21st century the rights of women and children were not being given the attention they deserved.


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