Digital Story: Imagining Latin@ Concepts

Cristal Gonzalez
October 21, 2013
Professor Roure – LLS 100 pd. 3/4
Digital Story

Ronald Urquiza and I choose to present the issue most young undocumented teenagers are facing in our age range. Our topic is the Dream Act we focused on the reasons why these “ Dreamers” are just like us and deserve an opportunity to continue their education and achieve the American Dream. In class we are constantly reading reports that inform us the percentage of Latinas/os enrollment in education it also points out the significant drop between the transition of high school to a higher education which in this case is college. A reason why the percentages differ is because of the many dreamers that do not get the opportunity to continue their education. These “Dreamers” were raised to adjust to American tradition they basically grew up thinking of America as their home to only be turned down when they become young adults. Around the age of 18 years old they are hit with reality and see that they do not receive the same opportunities and have the same advantage as a U.S citizen. The first disadvantage “Dreamers” face is being rejected from colleges for not having proof of citizenship and following that is not counting with Federal Aid. The tuitions of a private university are way out of reach for these students therefore they know they won’t be able to pay consecutive semesters. To finalize the obstacles “Dreamers” face is not being able to pursue their careers without citizenship or a working permit.
To back up our issue we first looked up an article connecting to the Dream Act. The first article is from The New York Times, “With G.O.P.’s Ear, Rubio Pushes Dream Act Proposal” By: Lizette Alvarez, this article presents the idea of passing a Dream Act Bill. In this article it states what the bill compromises to do which is to grant undocumented teenagers permission to work legally in the United States with this permit they will able to work , drive and attend college. A detailed that was included as well is the clarification that this permit is not a permanently residency and this bill can change over time. The second newspaper article we found is from the Guardian, “Obama to end deportation for young undocumented migrants – as it happened” By: Tom McCarthy. This article states the basic requisites needed to be eligible to be considered for the Dream Act. It gives data on how many young adults would benefit from the Dream Act.
I personally agreed to present this issue in this digital story project because I can relate to the topic. I am not a “Dreamer” but I do come from a similar situation, I am a child from undocumented parents that made the decision to leave their home to seek conformity for their upcoming family. I consider myself lucky to have been born in the United States and being a U.S Citizen because I receive the same opportunities any other child does. This issue is important to me because I have friends who have been affected, who have been rejected, and who have been denied rights that we take for granted.


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