Prompt 1 – Sept. 24

Cristal Gonzalez
October 1, 2013
LLS 100 – Professor Roure – pd.3/4
Prompt 1

Review the statement you made at the beginning of the semester. Are you keeping up with your plan? Have you changed/ modified any aspect of what you are hoping to achieve? What have you not been able to do? Identify the reasons. What do you plan to do about it? What do you plan to do in the second part of the semester to make sure you achieve what you are hoping to?

At the beginning of the semester I didn’t have a clear goal, to begin with I was unsure of what my purpose at John Jay was. I want to become an early childhood education teacher and John Jay College for Criminal Justice is not the institution that will help me fulfill my academic goal. I have failed in a part to make a change I looked up to transfer quiet late. After talking to my mother I have noticed that it is not ever too late to make change or fix something therefore I have set an appointment to speak to my academic advisor and ask if I can possibly take basic courses so I wouldn’t have to lose a semester. Hopefully then I can transfer to an institute that does provide early childhood majors. The reasons why I was not aware of the Spring 14 deadlines was because I didn’t think they were so soon but it makes sense since the Fall 14 deadlines are in early December. If my academic advisor does clarify my doubts of staying at John Jay for basic courses I will complete those courses. While I’m at John Jay I will make out the best of it because it is a good college with a lot of resources for the students. I hope I can succeed and find a college that offers what I need to be a teacher and finally feel like I belong somewhere along with people who share the same interest as me.
A second statement I made at the beginning of the semester was to adapt to college work. As I am writing this paper I have realized that it has been a month of school. I’ve had many papers due and homework basically every night. I have set up set up a routine on which homework I will focus every night. So far this routine has worked for me but there is one exception. I give the same priority to every paper with this routine therefore I feel like I don’t present more effort in prompts or theme papers. The reason why I still haven’t found a routine which will let me prioritize and get things done on time is because I haven’t organized my planner well. In order to have assignments and readings done on time and give my full attention to papers I will have to take time and organize my planner or think of other ways I can always be reminded of what I have to do and when it needs to be handed in. During the second semester I hope to have found the way to manage my time and plan ahead for every assignment. I also hope to get used to writing paper after paper and reading for multiple classes.


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