Prompt 2 – Oct. 1

Cristal Gonzalez
October 5, 2013
LLS 100 – Professor Roure – pd.3/4
Prompt 2

Have you developed a Time Management Plan as per the workshop? Are you following your plan? If so, explain if you find it useful. If not, explain why you are not following it. How can you improve your plan? What steps have you taken to change or improve your study habits?

I have tried to follow my Time Management Plan but I sometimes encounter difficulties. I am a commuter therefore I spend half an hour minimum per ride on the MTA. Whether it is to go to school come back home or travel to work. I have enough time to read a section for a course. An advantage we all have in this generation is the technology; I can travel and have access of readings in my phone or ipad. I find this technology to have an advantage because you don’t have to carry around every reading. Reading of a digital object also saves a lot of trees. I use my ride back home to write in my daily journal log for my English class because it helps me be curious about how my day turned out to be. Sometimes in the morning it is uncomfortable to read because it is so cramped and I always carry coffee making it uncomfortable for myself to accomplish any other task. Another inconvenience is not downloading the readings before hand and not being able to read due to lack of wi-fi service underground. On days in which I’m sleepy or I had a tough day at work when I read I tend to fall asleep and all I read goes to waste because I need to start all over again to grasp the ideas better.
I plan on improving my Time Management Plan by not putting excuses or always doubting myself whether I can accomplish a task. I understand that learning to manage my time it will enhance my studying habits and lead me to a better college experience. Another point that is crucial for my time management plan is downloading all my readings ahead of time therefore I can always have access to them and not having work cramped up. It will save me a lot of time if I read during my train rides and I’ll be making good use to my travel time and be on task. To add on to the reading part I can get into the habit of annotating everything so whenever I have to summarize or reference to a reading I don’t have to re read and I can go straight to the answer.
An inconvenience I have encountered is not having enough time to do much after coming home from work. I feel like my day is over after coming out of work but I am aware that I still have to make time to eat , shower and of course do homework. It takes time to built up a good paper and I end up spending hours in a paper and ct down on my sleeping hours. I feel like I cant control my time during the day between work and school. I hope to change my habits and to always prioritize education.


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